What is the role of the university in the 21st century? A university should foster individuals who can help to usher in a new civilization to replace industrial civilization. This new civilization needs to be comfortable, convenient, safe, and sustainable. I hope that the students of our university will serve as global citizens with knowledge of, an attachment to, and pride in their community— individuals who follow the principle of “Creating community, creating the future.”Our university does its utmost to ensure that students enjoy a safe and fullling school life, and upon graduation go on to become citizens who contribute to the ourishing of their commu-nities. We are always ready to respond to the varied expectations of students who have come to Shizuoka from all areas of Japan and the world. Shizuoka is located in the center of the Japanese archipelago and is a very comfortable place to live, as it is blessed beautiful scenery and many natural resources. In this rich environment, students can spend their time learning deeply, forming life-long friendships, and enjoying the plea-sures of everyday life.

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