The University of Shizuoka is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, which lies in the center of Japan and is home to Mt. Fuji, Japan's tallest mountain. The mountain has long been considered a symbol of Japan and has been revered as a sacred site since ancient times. Mt. Fuji is also one of the most popular motifs in Japanese poetry, painting, and other art forms, attesting to the prominent place it occupies in the hearts and minds of the Japanese people. It was registered as a World Cultural Heritage site in 2013, a signicant source of pride for the people of Shizuoka. As the prefectureʼs own university, the goal of the University of Shizuoka is to be valued by the citizens of the prefecture, and to be a source of pride for them.The University oers a wide range of courses in elds that respond to the various needs of modern society, including those related to health, medicine, nursing, globalization, and the information society. These ve elds of research and education are taught according to stringent academic standards, and students are oered practical, specialized course curricula. Drawing upon its diverse strengths, the University ensures that students studying in dierent departments have ample opportunities to interact with each other, promoting cooperation across educational and research areas.The monument at the center of the Kusanagi Campus symbolizes the openness of the University. This openness is one of the Universityʼs core principles. It is open to the local community, including to administrative and local industry groups, to collaborative research projects, to community revitalization projects driven by students and community residents, and to continuing education for citizens. The University also conducts research and education in accordance with international standards, thus contributing to the global community.

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