Nursing plays multifaceted roles in supporting the health of people. Our graduate school takes advantage of the characteristics of an integrated university by merging various life-related scientic elds with the aim of honing expertise and practical skills, further building on the varied roles of nursing jobs, and fostering nursing science researchers in regard to health, medical treatment, welfare and education, and advanced nursing practitioners who will contribute toward the improvement of health in people. As a part of these endeavors, a Master’s Midwifery Program was established in academic year 2010. Our Doctor’s Program in Nursing was established in April, 2020. This program will prepare learners to excel as educators, reseachers and nurse leaders who could provide high quality of education.The Junior College is located in Oshika Campus (Oshika, Suruga-ward, Shizuoka City). It is an academic institution to educate and train the students to be healthcare and welfare professionals, consisting of the departments of Dental Hygiene, Social Welfare having two divisions of Social Welfare and Care Welfare, and Child Studies. The former department oer a three-year course and the latter two a two-year course. The college adheres to its time-honored principles: education with ample practical training; education with careful attention to the students from start to graduation; adequate support in order for the students to obtain qualications; education to foster a rich and well-rounded humanity. Through these educational principles, it aims to nurture professionals who can meet the demands of the age and the communities.To respond to the newly emerging needs for social innovation, it is necessary to develop comprehensive strategies that incorporate extensive knowledge of the local circumstances of Shizuoka Prefecture, as well a center for training individuals capable of making innovation a reality. As such a center, the Graduate School of Management and Information of Innovation aims to maximize the local characteristics and position of Shizuoka Prefecture, and to train human resources who can contribute to the local community by generating and utilizing knowledge shoulder to shoulder with the people of the community.Japan is currently facing numerous challenges stemming from domestic and international pressures, including economic and social globalization, low birth rate, and an aging population, among other issues. The School of Management and Information fosters individuals who can innovate and solve problems by integrating the specialized knowledge of four elds: Business Administration, Policy Studies, Data Science, and Tourism Management. Students acquire basic knowledge in their rst year and then hone their expertise in one or more of these areas, thus becoming experts in a particular eld who are also familiar with related elds. Graduates of the School are highly regarded by employers, which is reected in their high rate of employment, and future graduates are expected to go on to even greater accomplishments in the future.The situation revolving around healthcare is changing at an astonishing rate with the progression in low birthrate and aging society, heightened awareness of health among people, advances and specialization in medicine, reconrmation for bioethics, frequency of large-scale disasters, etc. People who participate in the nursing profession (public health nurses, midwives, hospital nurses) must not only have the expertise, skills and problem-solving capabilities to appropriately deal with the situation, but also be sincere and humble as people. In order to meet these social demands, our school oers a variety of fundamental subjects to cultivate compassion. We will foster public health nurses and nurses with the spirit to boldly take on any dicult challenge, through our curriculum consisting of subjects specializing in nursing, including clinical practice at a variety of health and medical institutions, as well.School of Management and InformationGraduate School of Management and Information of InnovationSchool of NursingGraduate School of NursingJunior College

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